5 reasons to Invest in a Golden Visa Program

5 reasons to Invest in a Golden Visa Program



The golden visa programs bring together a plethora of advantages, from the freedom to travel visa-free throughout Europe to the flexibility of investing in real estate while obtaining a passive income. The list of gains of a residency by investment program does not stop here. The improved standard of living, job development opportunities, better education, and healthcare are some incentives for an investor to attend such a program. Next, we will see some additional benefits with which golden visa programs come.

  1. Passive income by renting out your property

There are many ways to invest by participating in a residency by-investment program. And the most preferred is real estate. A property, on the one hand, does not lose its value over time. On the other hand, you can force a value increase. How is this possible? With every maintenance or renovation job you do on your investment property, you increase its value.

That means you can claim a higher price for selling or renting it. After all, as per the terms of the program you are allowed to rent out the property you invested in. The investor can rent the property right after the acquisition. This way one creates an additional source of income.

  1. Golden visa Greece: Diverse your financial portfolio

In many residency by-investment programs, including the Golden Visa Greece program, the investor can diversify his portfolio by participating in several investing schemes. One may as well acquire a property as mentioned above. Alternatively, one may invest in financial assets such as bonds and shares. While an investor can buy shares, he can’t work for Greek employers.

Nevertheless, injecting capital into the local market is a great way of creating extra income. Apart from buying shares, one could finance a business in the host country or even start a new company there.

  1. Opportunities to explore magnificent destinations

Many host countries participating in the golden visa programs are popular summer vacation destinations. Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, and Malta figure first in travelers’ preferences and publications with favorite destinations. However you prefer to spend your free time, these places offer a wealth of experiences. Shopping, cultural activities, historical sightseeing, sports activities, and outdoor getaways are some things you can do in your free time.

In addition, all the above destinations are one to two hours away from European capitals, such as London, Paris, Berlin, Prague, and Rome. Thus the golden visa turns into the investor’s ticket to the European continent.

  1. Taxation benefits for golden visa owners

Haven’t you already started searching for how to get a golden visa? Wait until you hear about the taxation benefits! Tax laws vary from country to country. It is a fact that specific programs are ideal for strategically organizing your taxation plan. To be completely legal, make sure before you apply, what the current status in the host country is. Seek the advice of a trustworthy, client-centric law firm with years of experience in the industry.

In some countries, there is a Double Taxation Agreement. Greece is a country that issues golden visas and has signed bilateral agreements with many countries. There is the possibility that the investor, who will issue a Greek golden visa, pays tax only in the country where he is professionally active.

  1. Golden visa Greece requirements: A fast-paced process

If you are already excited, wait until you find out about Golden Visa Greece requirements! Firstly, it is a fast-paced process, which takes approximately 40-60 days. Additionally, staying in Greece is optional, contrary to other countries requirements. What’s more, there are no nationality restrictions. Everyone is welcome to apply for a Greek residency through an investment program, and the best part is that the visa can be renewed indefinitely as long as the investor keeps the investment.